Policy Review

If you have a need to introduce a new policy or amend an existing one to comply with new regulations then please call for your Free of Charge assessment.


We have more than 14 years’ experience in dealing with drug and alcohol related issues and offer a complete service for our customers. This unique way of working allows us to offer policy writing, staff training, testing, Laboratory services and care options all under one umbrella.


Introducing a Drug and Alcohol policy into any workplace is complex and can cause confusion and may have a serious impact on your business and your staff. We work closely with you to ensure any proposals put towards employees are fair, appropriate, easy to understand and robust solutions.

Example of Program development and Implementation sequence:

Stage 1

We will carry out a full review of your Drug and Alcohol Policy and operational procedures.

Stage 2

We will develop a Drug and Alcohol Testing Plan based on your specific needs and agree Implementation Plan.

Stage 3

We will create a Training and education program for management and supervisors and a full education plan for the Business.

Stage 4

Testing will commence in line with operational requirements. Review periods and timetables will be agreed.

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