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We provide the most comprehensive testing, training and support services across the industry, including access to a unique range of technologies enabling us to provide a robust and reliable approach to any Drug and Alcohol testing requirement.

Over a Decade of Experience



We are experts in the industry and our experience allows us to offer
the most robust services to our clients

24/7, 365 Days Coverage



We offer 24/7, 365 Days coverage to our clients

Dedicated Account Managers



All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who are on hand to assist with all requirements

Aviation Leaders



We are the world leader in providing Drug and Alcohol services to the Aviation Sector

Accredited Training Courses


Our Training Course are the only courses Accredited by CPD and and recommended by the GCAA

Global Collection Network



We have an established network of collection officers across the globe

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Screen4 Services

Random Testing

Random testing is a method of testing for substance use by employees through a process of random selection.

Follow Up Testing

If an employer chooses to provide support to an individual following a positive Drug or Alcohol test, this method of testing would be used to help with rehabilitation and to ensure the employee is remaining substance free.

With Cause Testing

When a business has a suspicion that an employee may be under the influence of a substance a with cause test should be performed.

Pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment Drug testing takes place when potential new employees are requested to provide a sample for a Drug and or Alcohol analysis before being offered the job.

CPD Accredited Training Courses

Our training courses are developed against the background of agreed international best practice.

Employee Support Packages

Offering a workplace support service that works with employers to offer tailored programmes that help prevent and overcome the harms caused by substance misuse.

Worldwide Operational Hubs