Training and Awareness

We recognise that organisations care about the safety and wellness of their employees. We are extremely proud of the courses and support packages that we have developed and we have a proven track record of enabling large organisations to understand the severity of Drug and Alcohol misuse within the workplace.


Proactive training and education within the workforce can help organisations to implement and enforce a strict, robust Drug and Alcohol ethos and policy. Teaching employees to understand the signs and recognise impairment symptoms provides an active deterrent throughout the business and can help to protect employees and the business, reducing the risk of incidents and disruption to your business.



We can provide Drug and Alcohol Training and Awareness courses tailored to suit your business needs as required and may include some or all of the following:


    • As part of an implementation plan for your Drug and Alcohol testing program


    • As specific training of managers and supervisors to give them the ‘tools’ to make decisions regarding someone’s potential fitness for work.


    • General Awareness programs for employees
      • Providing education and information around substances and their impact on employees, families and colleagues.


    • We can train your staff to manage and coordinate the Drug and Alcohol program – ‘in house’


We want to help you reduce risk and achieve a safer substance free workplace. We can provide the education, advice, ongoing testing and support for your organisation, offering a range of courses and support packages ranging from basic awareness training, chain of custody training to more comprehensive interactive sessions.


Our training courses are developed against the background of agreed international best practice, are CPD accredited and recommended by the Aero-medical Department of the UAE (GCAA).

Awareness Training

Our Awareness course is delivered to new and existing clients across the UK that have already adopted or are introducing drug and alcohol testing into their organisation. The course delivers awareness around drugs and alcohol misuse identification methods and current trends.


Assisting the course are demonstrations of how testing is carried out by trained collectors and the importance and value of the Chain of Custody procedure.

Recognition Training

Our Recognition course is designed to train attendees in drug and alcohol awareness and assist them to make informed decisions regarding issues within the workplace.


Covering ‘your’ company Policy and its legalities, current trends of alcohol and drug misuse in the UK and other parts of the world, identification of illicit and non-illicit substances, the impacts of misuse on an organisation and individuals and current testing processes.


This course is aimed at giving delegates the confidence to recognise, challenge and address behaviour, incidents and promote safety and confidence in the workplace. Our Training Manager developed this course from his extensive experience within the industry, following his career as national lead for the Police Federation in roads policing and impairment.

Contact us to discuss your Training Requirements:

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