VISITECT® Covid19 Rapid Finger Prick Antibody Test

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Screen4 Ltd have teamed up with one of the largest diagnostic businesses across the globe – Omega Diagnostics. Enabling us to offer Practitioners, Clinics, Pharmacies, Occupational Health businesses and teams access to the latest VISITECT® Covid19 Rapid Finger prick Antibody Test. 

The only rapid test that identifies all 3 antibodies (IgM, IgA and IgG), increasing the window of detection.

VISITECT® Covid-19 IgM/IgA/IgG supports the identification of recent or prior SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) infection in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. 

This Qualitative rapid diagnostic test detects IgM, IgA and IgG antibodies. The manual lateral flow immunoassay is for professional use only and is not to be used for self-testing.

The cartridge contains 4 sections:

  • C – Control line
  • A – IgA
  • M – IgM
  • G – IgG 

Any red line (A,G,M) or multiple red lines indicate the presence of Covid19 Antibodies.

Model of Antibody response after infection

The immunological response to viral infection takes several days to weeks to appear and normally includes the generation of different isotypes of antibodies (immunoglobulins, Ig).

Antibodies are part of the adaptive immunity and their role is to block viral entry, neutralise the virus and activate other components of the immune system. 

IgM production is the first line of antibody defence followed by the generation of presumed high affinity IgA and IgG responses, typically associated with long-term immunity and immunological memory.

Levels of the three antibodies develop and decline at different stages after infection and differ within various individuals.

Antibodies are therefore an indicator of a recent, or prior Covid19 infection and for assessing immunity, if antibodies prove to be protective.

Performance Data

The kits come with the test devices plus buffer, swabs, lancets and blood transfer cups. The devices are all CE marked.

A full instructions document can be downloaded here. 

To contact us regarding information or orders of the VISTECT Covid19 IgM/IgA/IgG Rapid test please email us at 
Please note that this test does not diagnose Covid19.

It is unknown how long antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 will remain present in the body and if they confirm immunity to Covid19.

If you receive a positive result to this test, this means that antibodies are present at the time of test, we would recommend carrying out another test in 3 months time.

If you receive a negative result to this test, this means that antibodies were not present at the time of test. This may be due to individuals being tested too early after infection. If an individual has previously tested positive for the virus or been exposed then we would recommend carrying out another antibody test in the following weeks.

If patients are displaying symptoms of Covid19 then PCR testing will be required.
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