Screen4 Internal Updates

Please add this page to your favourite’s tab and check at the beginning of every shift. 

If you have any questions or something is not clear please feel free to email me – 

Keep up the hard work guys – you are doing amazing! 

As of Friday 7th May all prices will be reviewed and lowered to a discounted price across the board.

A pricing matrix will be uploaded on Friday.


All Qantas customers have been moved from 10th and 13th May to Friday 14th May. This was an Australian Gov request.

This has been amended inside of the CRM and all customers will have received an email.

You may receive calls regarding this.

From 14.27pm orders have not hit the CRM system successfully. 

The CRM development team are currently looking into this. Customers may experience a short delay in receiving confirmation emails during this time. 

Qantas Airlines offer repatriation flights to their customers from the UK to Australia. All Qantas passengers must have a Pre-travel test 48 hours prior to their flight.

Screen4 open all clinics from 9am to 5pm for Qantas passengers only. There is a specific link for Qantas passengers to use to book their tests which can be found below:

Please advise Qantas customers that they can book into any Screen4 clinic to have their test taken and the test must be taken within 48 hours of their flight (doesn’t need to be 48 hours exactly before their flight time for example 9am two days before).

The samples for Qantas are fast tracked and results are usually sent within 24-36 hours of the sample arriving at the lab.

Their results will be sent to Qantas and they will also receive the result themselves via the Safe4 accounts. 

We have multiple test dates approaching in May (listed on the link) please make yourself familiar with the page and the product. 

An updated version of the T&C’s and Returns/Refunds policy has been added to the site. 

You can find these on the Resources tab. Please make yourself familiar with the new policies.


There is currently an issue with a number of orders not pulling into the CRM system. This is being investigated and hopefully resolved today.

The Orders that are missing are actively being sent through from the website but an error is preventing them coming in – we are looking into what’s preventing them at the moment. Once we fix the issue any orders that are not coming in due to the same issue will come through automatically as well.

Please do not inform customers that there is an issue – just inform there is a slight delay at the moment which we are working to fix asap. 

Within the CRM there is now a section in the Sales Order module which will tell us the below information for orders:

Outbound DPD tracking number 

Inbound Royal Mail Tracking number 

Barcodes sent to the address

The above information is to be used to assist customers when they are unable to locate tracking numbers, for us to track the samples for them and also enables us to help them with barcodes if they forget to input, input incorrectly etc. Please remember it is the consumers responsibility to enter the barcodes. Also note that the barcodes are not assigned to a customer at the point of dispatch so if a family have ordered we will not know which belongs to which member of the family. 

The information can be found by clicking into the Sales Order Module, searching the order number and selecting details. Scroll down to RDi Information and this is where you will see the data:

All clinics will be operational over the Bank Holiday weekend. Drop boxes will also be open from 10am – 2pm from Saturday to Monday. 

A new page has been added to the website to inform customers of this – click here to view

As of Monday 3rd May 2021 all Screen4 clinics will be open 7 days a week 12-4pm.

Drop boxes are to be open and available during the clinic times and will be emptied at the end of every day and samples dropped will be couriered to the laboratory the same day.

If a customer drops samples out of these hours the sample will not reach the laboratory until the next working day after the 4pm collection. 

I have attached a photograph of the drop box below, which will aid you when explaining to customers:

Some drop boxes are located inside of the clinics and some are outside. 

Barnsley, Cirencester – Outside Clinic. Please note Cirencester is only currently open Mon-Fri until further notice 

Birmingham, Cambridge, Harlow, Hammersmith and Manchester – Inside Clinic.

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