Qantas Passenger Covid19 Services

Screen4 are proud to offer Qantas passengers our Post and Pre-Travel Testing Services.

Understanding the different Test Requirements

Now that overseas travel has resumed, you may find that you require a PCR test and a laboratory certificate or a Rapid Antigen Test and Certificae to prove that you are Covid19 free and fit to fly.

Countries across the Globe have enforced local immigration restrictions and they recommend that people travelling need to have a PCR test carried out 48, 72 or 96 hours prior to travelling! Screen4 can provide you with the testing and the certification for this.

These tests can be completed as a ‘Self-Test’ or a ‘Clinician Performed Test'.

Advice for testing:
You will need to check the entry requirements for the country you are travelling to, you can do this here:

It is the consumers responsibility to ensure that you check the requirements for the country you are travelling to and to ensure that your sample is taken within the given time frame. Screen4 can not advise you of this and are not liable for any tests carried out outside of your travel requirement window.

Clinician Performed Test Information

After placing a booking to attend one of our clinics you will receive an email confirmation of your booking including the time, date and location.

When you arrive at the clinic on the day of your test you must bring along your passport and booking reference number. This will help the clinician locate your booking details.

Our friendly team will talk you through the test and carry the out the sample for you. Our clinic team will provide you with your sample barcode number to allow you to enter this into your online results account.


Barnsley Clinic

17 Middlewoods Way, Barnlsey, S71 3HR

Monday - Saturday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Cirencester Clinic

Estate Farm Office, West Lane, Kemble, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6AB

Monday – Sunday: 12:00am – 4:00pm


Your sample will then be sent to the laboratory directly from our clinic via our private courier for a speedy turnaround of results within 24-48 hours from receipt at the laboratory. Please note that we have fully booked clinics and our couriers are scheduled around the end of the day to deliver samples to the lab.

Follow this simple guide to change your appointment date/time on your Safe4 account:



Our partner laboratory is based in Cambridge – Oncologica UK LTD. Please note this is a different address to our Cambridge Clinic

The lab also has a drop box for you to deliver your samples to 7 days a week.

Oncologica UK Ltd
Suite 2 Newham Building
Chesterford Research Park
CB10 1X

Results will be sent to your online secure account 24-48 hours from receipt at the lab. Your results will be in PDF format and you can save them to your device or you can print them, as required by your destination Immigration Requirements. 

When placing your order via our website you must ensure that you enter all of your details correctly, especially your email address.

Once your order has been placed via our website, you will receive two emails:

  1.  Order/Appointment Confirmation Email.
  2. An invitation to create our secure online account – this is where your your results will be sent to. This email will come from Covid Support and can sometimes fall into junk/spam so keep an eye on those too. Please note if you have previously purchased tests from us, using the same email address you will already have an existing account.

When you receive the emails please create your account and make a note of your username and password. When it comes to the date you need to take the test you must log back into your account to enter your sample barcode number (this connects the result to you).

It is crucial that you enter your sample barcode at the point of taking your test. Please ensure that this is completed on the correct date and at the correct time. Entering your barcode date and time stamps your result and shows on your result document as sample taken on that date and at that time. Please note the Time of Sample taken will show as UTC.

Don’t worry we are experienced with Pre-Travel requirements and our certificates display all relevant information:

  • Full name as displayed on your Passport
  • Passport Number
  • DOB
  • Sample Number (Barcode)
  • Result
  • Sample taken Date and time

This is all taken from the order you place so please make sure you complete all information correctly.

Test and Release, Day and Day 2 & 8 Results are slightly different from Pre-Travel Result documents and they contain more information in line with the Governments Requirements.

Positive: The PCR test has detected SARS-CoV-2. Consult your GP/healthcare provider*

Negative: The PCR test has not detected SARS-Cov-2**

Inconclusive: The PCR test has not returned a result that is clearly positive or negative, for example this may be because the test outcome is on the cusp of detectability, or because the test assay targets multiple markers and only one marker has been detected. Re-swab at the next scheduled time unless clinically indicated to do sooner.

Rejected: Sample damaged and test could not be performed. Re-swab as soon as possible. The reason for rejected samples can include sample damaged in transit, sample tube lid not correctly attached and much more.


It is crucial that you order the correct tests for your travel purposes, carrying out the incorrect test may lead to you being turned away at the airport.

If for any reason you have selected the incorrect product then contact us on 01226 654654 (option 1).

Understanding the secure results portal

When you have placed your order or booking with us you will receive two emails:
  • An order confirmation – this will be sent to you from
  • An invitation to create a secure online account – this is where you will receive your results. This will be sent to you from Covid Support.
Please ensure you check your spam/junk box as sometimes these emails may drop into there. Please also note that if you have ordered with us before, you will already have a results account set up, so you will not receive another invitation. Your new test will be in your account ready to log in and access. Step 1 – Receive your invitation via email from Covid Support Step 2 – Create your account (make sure you make a note of your username and password) Step 3 – Log in to your account and confirm your personal details Step 4 – Log out of your account until you are ready to take your self-test sample/attend the clinic for your sample taking for you

Additional Help

We are proud to announce that we have been formally approved in agreement with the International Standards requirements of testing and valuation laboratories, making us a fully certified Covid19 testing company.

If you are ordering a day 2 test for either Amber or Green countries or a Day 2 & 8 test bundle then you will require a unique reference number to put on your Passenger Locator form before entry into the UK.

This Unique Reference Number is sent to the email address that you use to order your tests with and will be sent to you within your confirmation email (not proof of purchase). This number will begin with SCREE

With all email boxes sometimes emails get lost in the spam/junk folder so please check there too!

The Travel Corridor is also known as the Common Travel Area - The Common Travel Area (CTA) is a long-standing arrangement between the UK, the Crown Dependencies (Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Isle of Man) and Ireland.

This means that any country out of this corridor must be noted on your Day 2 or Day 2&8 booking. For this question you need to select the date that you are departing from the Amber or Green country to return to the UK.

Don’t worry if you have entered your information incorrectly, we can update this for you. We can only accept changes in writing so please email your requested changes across to

After creating your account you will have received an email to say thank you for creating your account. This email will contain your username. Search your emails for an email from Covid Testing.

This is located next to the billing address, if you are ordering a self test make sure you fill the shipping details in correctly.

Your results are sent to you via your secure online results portal as soon as they're available from the laboratory. Results can take between 24-48 hours from receipt at the laboratory, not from when the sample was taken.

Our self-test orders are dispatched the same day if ordered before 2pm, Monday to Thursday. If you order after 2pm your order will not be picked up until the following day and dispatched that day for next day delivery:

For example: if you place an order at 2.45pm on Monday - your order will be picked up Tuesday am and dispatched for delivery to you on Wednesday.

If you place an order on a Friday before 2pm then your order will be dispatched Friday to be delivered Monday (with the exception of bank holidays).

If you place an order during weekends please note that no dispatches take place until the following working day.

For example: if you place an order at 3pm on a Friday your order will not be picked up until Monday and dispatched to you for delivery on Tuesday (with the exception of bank holidays).

Ordering before a bank holiday - orders placed before 2pm on a Friday before the bank holiday your order will be dispatched to be delivered on the following Tuesday.

Ordering during a bank holiday - orders placed after 2pm on a Friday before the bank holiday your order will be picked up Tuesday and dispatched to be delivered on the Wednesday.

Please note day 2 and day 2&8 tests are dispatched to arrive in time for your arrival date into the UK.

Contacting Screen4

You can contact us Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and 10am-4pm during weekends and Bank Holidays.

Telephone: 01226 654654 option 1

Webchat: Click the livechat widget which will pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen

Contact Form:

Don't panic, our lines are extremely busy but please be patient with us we endeavour to answer your calls as soon as possible.

Emailing us with all relevant and correct information helps us resolve your query easily so please be sure to add as much information as possible.

Please also try out our virtual assistant which should pop in the bottom right hand corner of our website! This can answer many frequently asked questions regarding testing, test types and deliveries or it can send you through to one our livechat staff operators if you can't find your answer there. There may be a wait on live chat if our agents are be busy chatting to other customers - please be patient and we will get to you as soon as possible.