Covid-19 Pre-Travel Clinician Performed Test


Now that oversea’s travel has resumed, you may find that you require a PCR test and a laboratory certificate to prove that you are Covid19 free. Clinician Performed Samples may require a minimum donor quantity, additional costs may apply.

Countries across the Globe have enforced local restrictions and they recommend that people travelling need to have a PCR test carried out 48, 72 or 96 hours prior to travelling! Screen4 can provide you with the testing and the certification for this.



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Our testing facility is not open on your selected date.

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Please ensure that you input your details correctly as stated on your passport as this cannot be changed after your order is placed.



Our PCR test will detect the presence of Covid-19. Clinician Performed Samples may require a minimum donor quantity.

The kit is a ‘clinician performed’ kit that include a sample swab, collection tube, transportation tube, pathoseal bag and a returns envelope. Clear and concise instructions are included within the kit as well as a consent form for the donor to complete.  To arrange the clinician appointment please email us

Results when received at the lab are reported within 24-48 hours of receipt at the lab  – this may be longer due to significant demand. This result will form the Certification required to travel.

Product Contents

The contents of our test kit includes:

  • Swab
  • Collection Tube
  • Transportation Tube
  • Pathoseal Bag
  • Return Box
  • Return Envelope

Shipping And Turnaround

Shipping to you with in the UK is Free.

Getting your sample to the laboratory is the consumers responsibility. Screen4 take no liability in the delivery of kits to lab.

We provide you with a FREE 24 hour tracked Royal Mail returns envelope inside of your kit. You need to post this in a PRIORITY postbox only. Click the link below to see the list of priority postboxes:

Please note this may be delayed during weekends and bank holidays.

You can alternatively use a tracked courier service if you would prefer to do this. You need to ensure that the courier service you are using accept Covid-19 samples.

If you require a fast track result – within 48 hours of travel then we recommend using a tracked same day courier.

All of the above is the consumers responsibility.

Please be aware if placing an order on a Bank Holiday there will be a delay on deliveries.

The current turnaround for results is 24-48 hours from receipt of the sample at lab.


Refund and Returns

Screen4 Ltd will only offer a refund against PCR testing service on the following parameters:

Any despatched and received kits for self-test (or company managed programs) that are unused will NOT be refunded under any circumstances due to health and safety reasons.

Clinician collected Pre-flight tests that have been paid for and scheduled:

  • May be moved to another date if the flight is changed by the customer or the airline, this will be free of charge if an available slot is possible for the rescheduled appointment.
  • It may be necessary for the customer to attend an alternative collection centre if their first choice is not available. If this is not acceptable then a refund will be given less an admin fee of £20 per test.