Covid-19 Antibody Roche© Finger Prick Test


You can take our PHE Approved Roche© antibody test to find out whether you’ve had coronavirus. This allows you to take a sample yourself and send it to a lab for speedy results. The test checks for antibodies your body has built in response to COVID-19.

The Roche© Antibody test is 99.8% sensitive, and has 100% specificity, which means it will not give you a positive result if you do not have antibodies. If you have experienced symptoms or have a confirmed positive PCR test then you need to take it at least 14 days after the start of your symptoms or test results. You can test at any point if you’ve never symptoms.


Covid-19 Antibody Finger Prick Test

The serology test has a specificity greater than 99.8% and sensitivity of 100% (14 Days post-PCR
The high specificity of the test is crucial to determine reliably if a person has been exposed to the
virus and if the patient has developed antibodies

Product Contents

The contents of our sensitivity kit includes:

  • Consent form
  • Pathoseal Bag
  • Collection Tube
  • Safety lancets
  • Plasters & wipes
  • Box
  • Envelope

Shipping and Turnaround

Shipping to you with in the UK is Free.

When returning your sample to us please be sure to use a courier service and log your tracking tracking details.

Please be aware if placing an order on a Bank Holiday there will be a delay on deliveries.

The current turnaround for results is 3-5 days from receipt of the sample at lab.