Corporate Return to Work Strategy – Covid-19

Screen4 (Yorkshire) Ltd have combined resources and skills with Gallagher Risk Management Solutions to provide a comprehensive and overreaching approach to the issue of:

‘How do you get your teams back to work safely?’

By utilising key tools to verify and validate a detailed Risk assessment for your company, you will have solid data and opinion, underpinned by Gallagher Insurance know how and competence to determine your priorities, who you need to look after and who can return to work as part of a Managed Program or a sensible Return to Work Strategy.

Combing your risk assessment with extensive Covid-19 testing will ensure that staff are returned to work as safely as possible.

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Risk Assess - Test - Manage

Stage 1 - Risk Assess 

Your Covid-19 risk assessment should clearly show that, on the balance of all considerations, the controls implemented reduce the risk as low as reasonably practical. This evidence, in the form of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, is crucial in the defence of an insurance claim for personal injury or illness or intervention by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or other regulatory authority.

It is acknowledged that not all businesses have the in-house competency, capability or expertise to utilise the supplied areas requiring improvement and further assistance may be required. An additional service is available whereby, our health and safety consultant will advise, with specific detail, the areas requiring further consideration and offer suggestions to assist you with the document’s further development.

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Stage 2 - Test

 Following a full review of your Covid-19 Risk Assessment Screen4 will work with you to determine the following:

For details of the test types and technical data please follow:

PCR/Antigen Testing:

Anti-body Testing:

Onsite Temperature Checks 

Onsite temperature checks can also be facilitated via the Screen4 team, this will give an indication of somebody becoming unwell and the individual should be asked to return home with a PCR test to complete. 

Categories of Staff:

The potential outcomes from this test program are the clear identification of Risk Categories shown above In all of the above Categories there will be significant concerns raised by your teams and the impact of any testing / selection may have on their possible safety and also their job continuity. This should be openly addressed, and a support framework clearly made available for them to discuss with the Company management, HR or in-house Occupational Support and or a third party Occupational Health provider.

Stage 3 - Manage (Your staff back to work)

Following the completion and Validation of your “Risk Assessment” and “Test” Stages 1 and 2 you will have a clear understanding on how to schedule the return to work of your staff. A critical factor in the scheduling is an understanding of the Mental Well-being of the individuals below:

• Those who are returning to the workplace

• Those who are not

BOTH of these groups will have significant concerns regarding their own personal circumstances. It is about them as individuals and how they are going to be treated and looked after by you, their employer.

Employers have a ‘duty of care’ this means you have to do all you reasonably can to support your employees’ health, safety and well-being and to be very clear on the key measures below:

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