Why Test in the Aviation industry? 

Rules and Regulations

Internationally agreed regulations are in place to protect the safety of all passengers, employees and cargo. As a regulated industry, aviation companies are monitored by various industry regulators such as IATA and ICAO and EASA.

Local Civil Aviation Authorities are then responsible for implementation at local (Country level) of the mandated regulations.

These include:

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)
  • GCAA
  • FAA

Each of the Regulatory bodies can have standard (Industry wide) or individual targets on testing numbers across the Safety Sensitive Employees – The range of testing varies by location and can range from 20 – 40% of employees as part of a Random Program.

Despite strict regulations on drug abuse and alcohol misuse there are still occurrences where airline employees are found to be misusing drugs and alcohol. Risks should be eliminated by implementing a strict workplace drug and alcohol testing policy and proactively carrying out regular testing.

There are 4 main reasons for testing:

  • Pre-employment – To screen out possible future drug and alcohol related issues.
  • Random – To provide a proven deterrent to the use and abuse of substances actively promote a Drug and Alcohol-free workplace.
  • With Cause / Post Incident – In response to an accident / incident, suspicion or near miss.
  • Follow Up – As part of an ongoing ‘return to work’ or rehabilitation program.

Any or all these reasons for testing may be used individually or in conjunction with one another.


Who should be tested

There is a clear definition of Safety Sensitive Employees (SSE) within the Aviation industry and the main categories incorporated under this designation can include:

  1. Pilot
  2. Cabin crew
  3. Flight instructors / SIM instructors
  4. Despatchers
  5. Engineers
  6. Line maintenance
  7. Air traffic controller
  8. Cadet Pilots
  9. Ground Handling
  10. Ramp Inspectors

If you have a need to introduce a new policy or amend an existing one to comply with Regulatory requirements, then please call for your Free of Charge assessment of your existing Policy Documents.

Test Methods

The industry acceptable method of testing is by way of:

  • Breath Alcohol (Evidential Testing Device) to international standards
  • Urine POCT and LC/MS Confirmation
  • Hair testing for Pre-employment and rehabilitation purposes.
  • Fingerprint Screening

Screen4 Experience

We are the world leader in Managed Testing Programs within the aviation industry and carry out tests in over 40 countries and 140+ locations. this is based upon a solid track record in developing and implementing comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Programs.

Screen4 provide the most comprehensive Drug and Alcohol testing service across all markets and geographic regions including – Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australasia and Africa.

The programs managed by us include –

Random and With Cause at Regional Hubs and Outstation locations and we have over 300 trained and audited Collection Agents Worldwide

We can provide:

  • Fully Legally Defensible Testing
  • Worldwide Network
  • Policy Advice
  • Training & Education
  • Aftercare & Support

Introducing a Drug and Alcohol policy into any Airline is complex and must be planned effectively to minimise any disruption to operations. Screen4 will work closely with you to ensure any Program designed is an appropriate and robust solution that meets the needs of all your Stakeholders.

Please contact us now to answer your questions and move towards a safer operation with reduced risk.

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