Screen4 Secure Membership with LTIO

Screen4 (Yorkshire) LTD are proud to announce our membership with LTIO – The Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation.

LTIO is the trade association for the testing industry, covering testing companies and laboratories.

The LTIO has been established to represent the leading members of the testing and laboratory industry, all of whom have the highest standards.

These organisations can only be members if they act in an ethical manner both around the efficacy of their testing processes and the ability to offer high levels of customer service. The LTIO is overseen by an Advisory Board to ensure these standards are met and maintained.

David Grouse, Managing Director of Screen4 said:

“It is a very proud moment to know we are recognised by the LTIO as a leading member of the Testing industry. We at Screen4 believe that there should be consistency and reliability across the testing market and we are delighted to be welcomed as a member of The LTIO (The Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation). We look forward to continue providing access to robust and accredited testing options for individuals and corporate clients.”

Find out more about The LTIO here.